Take Caribou Coffee Survey

 Take Caribou Coffee Survey

TellCaribou Survey FAQ

  • Question: Is Caribou a Starbucks outlet with a different name?

Answer: No, there is no connection between Caribou and Starbucks. They are separate coffeehouse chains. Caribou Coffee was established in 1992 and operates over 700 coffee shops worldwide. Their products are available in grocery stores, mass merchants, and online outlets across all 50 states.

  • Question: How can I participate in the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Answer: To participate in the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey, you must make a purchase at any Caribou Coffee store. The receipt you receive will have an entry code printed on it. Visit the official survey website and enter the code provided to complete the survey.

  • Question: Is the Customer Satisfaction Survey for Caribou Coffee open to anyone who wants to participate?

Answer: No, to participate in the survey, you must be a citizen of the United States and have made a purchase at any Caribou Coffee store. The receipt from your purchase will contain the necessary entry code.

 Take Caribou Coffee Survey

  • Question: How long does it take to complete the TellCaribou survey?

Answer: The survey is designed to be brief, clear, and easy to understand, taking about five minutes to complete. It consists of approximately twenty questions and should be manageable for anyone with a reading level equivalent to an eighth grader.

  • Question: Is my information kept confidential on TellCaribou?

Answer: Yes, your information is kept confidential. TellCaribou ensures that all gathered information is protected and will not be accessed without your approval. The company has a comprehensive privacy policy to address any concerns about the confidentiality and protection of participant data.

 Take Caribou Coffee Survey

  • Question: How safe is it to use TellCaribou?

Answer: Safety and security are top priorities for TellCaribou. The data collected is as secure as any other method, thanks to SSL technology that encrypts the data during transmission between the participant’s computer and the web server. This ensures the privacy and confidentiality of user data.

  • Question: Can the TellCaribou survey be completed in multiple sessions or at different times?

Answer: Yes, TellCaribou allows users to save their progress and return to finish the survey later. Each survey page has an “Exit” button, which saves the participant’s responses and provides instructions on how to resume the survey. Participants can pick up where they left off and review their previous answers when they return.

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